Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As some of you know, I was recently selected to be a brand ambassador for the clothing company INKnBURN.  I'm so honored and excited to represent a company that I have so much love for, so I wanted to write a little blog post about it.  This is a different type of blog for me.  So far, my posts have just been race reports.  The reason I started writing those was to help me remember as the memories fade away with time, but from now on I'll be including other things such as product reviews too.

Anyway, I have never been very excited about running clothes.  Such a shame considering I spend so much time running!  I'd usually wear old race shirts and whatever shorts I could find that were reasonably comfortable to train and race in......lets just say I have a history of not looking super fashionable when I run (not to say there's anything wrong with that) but then I discovered INKnBURN!!!

For those of you who aren't already familiar with INKnBURN, its an awesome brand of running/fitness clothes unlike anything else out there.  You may have seen it at  races and wondered what it was and where people were getting it......I know I did.  I remember seeing it out on various race courses and admiring the beautiful artwork and unique designs.  I was always reluctant to spend too much on running clothes, so I didn't buy anything at for a long time.  Eventually, I cracked and bought a few items on sale this past Fall and I was INSTANTLY hooked.  Each piece looked even more vibrant than in the photos on the website, and I could tell they were well-made and high-quality.  My husband and I went out to dinner that night and I wore my new INKnBURN denim pants and 100 tech tee- couldn't even wait for my next run to put them on.  It was clear from the beginning that I was going to be an INKnBURN addict.......yikes!
My first of many purchases

I love INKnBURN for so many reasons: first, the artwork is out of this world.  They create beautiful pieces which are all works of art; they truly stand out from the rest of the running apparel out there.  They choose subject matter that has meaning too, it's not just random stuff.  Take the 100 mile shirt in my picture above, for example.  100 has a lot of significance to an ultra runner who has done a 100-mile race.  The new Run or Die collection (see tank pictured below) has the words "Run of Die" hidden in the face of the skull and is described as being all about intensity, endurance, and power.  I just ordered mine but haven't gotten it in the mail yet.....I think this is going to be perfect for the Phoenix Marathon in a few weeks!
New Women's Run or Die tank

I also love that INKnBURN makes their clothing in their California warehouse- it's 100% USA made!  Sadly, not very many running clothes are made in America anymore.  I feel good supporting a company that still makes things here.  They make everything with long distance runners in mind.  Their stitching is superb, resulting in flat seams that prevent chafing or rubbing.  They also don't put itchy tags in the back of the neck. I can speak from experience doing long runs in their clothing that they do NOT chafe.  

running in the Albuquerque foothills

Every time I wear INKnBURN I get compliments.  I always have people touching my denim pants in disbelief that they're not jeans, asking what brand I'm wearing, and saying how cool my clothes look. It's nice.  I end up wearing INKnBURN every chance I get too, because it looks good for more than just running and yoga.  I wore my wonderland holiday sweater and denim pants at Christmas and no one believed I was in the same clothes I run in. 

I look forward to many days of long, epic training runs and 100 mile races in INKnBURN as well as many meals out and family gatherings!  I'm glad I discovered INKnBURN and I am grateful to serve as an ambassador 
for this wonderful brand.  

Wearing INKnBURN flutter tee at the Tucson 13.1- a PR!!!!

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